Communication and personal development

The purpose of the course is to instil in the students an understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses, so that they can realize their potential – in private, at school and later in a working environment. We show the students how to handle and understand stress, and also how to develop communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal.

The aim is for students to be able to participate actively in everyday life at AspIT, taking part in class, communicating information to others and to be able to integrate socially as interns at a company, and later as full employees.


The goal is that the students are able to communicate, to gain self-understanding and to understand their own potential. They should be able to distinguish between private, personal and professional relationships and environments, and to behave accordingly.

The students learn the skills needed to deal with these challenges.


The teaching provides an interaction between basic theory and practical tasks, as well as dialogues and exercises.

Most of the time teaching takes place as a class, instead of individuals solving problems own their own, but occasionally the students work in groups.

Aims of learning

Personal development

The aim is to strengthen awareness of behavior and communication, show how these affect social relations and team work in a professional setting. We want to give the students insight into their personal challenges and potential. We want the students to be able to judge situations correctly and identify those situations in which they might need advice and guidance, and how to ask for this. We aspire to improve the students’ knowledge of social norms and rules, and to teach them how to distinguish between personal and professional relationships.


We aim to teach the students strategies for verbal and non-verbal communication, how to understand the different types of human interaction, how to be able to identify and understand patterns of human interaction and the contexts in which they occur, and how to react to them in an appropriate manner.


There are ongoing evaluations which measure the students’ progress as regards teamwork and the skills they have acquired in the areas of communication and personal Development.


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