The visit is an informal conversation between the applicant, AspIT teachers/employees and the applicant’s parents or social worker. The visit takes place during the six-week clarification process. The purpose of the visit is to assess the applicant’s interest in IT and their ability to complete a professional education in IT. If all participants in the visit are interested in continuing, the applicant moves on to the next stage in the process.

During the six-week period in which clarification interviews take place we assess the professional abilities of the applicant. The applicant’s ability and willingness to work with their handicap, to cope with the personal challenges they face and to become employable are also evaluated.

You can read more about the clarification process here

Once the clarification process is at an end, an evaluation interview will be held with all the parties concerned present. The applicant and AspIT then decide together whether collaboration and enrollment in the school are possible.


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Once every semester each AspIT school hosts a clarification process for prospective pupils to attend.


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