Understanding of society

The purpose of the course is to teach the students an understanding of society. Through understanding and knowledge the students should be able to take part in society, participate in the democratic debate and develop the independence of mind and skills needed to make decisions.


The students are taught a basic understanding of society, its construction and institutions. They should obtain the skills needed to understand their rights and obligations and be a part of a democratic society.

Semester One

·         Danish society

The goal is to outline how Danish society is organized. With this knowledge, the students should be capable of understanding political debate. In addition, the students learn how to lead a life without crime. In the first semester, we will deal with the following topics:

·         Economy

The students learn how the economy operates and thereby to understand both local and national policies and priorities.

·         The world around us

Through an introduction to the world of media, the students are shown how to use their initiative to search for and find information about society and the world around us.

Semester Two

·         Health

The goal is to provide the students with basic information about health and to teach them how to use the healthcare system.

·         Home

The students learn about their rights and obligations as regards accommodation. We want to give the students an overview of the housing market and the other types of accommodation available so as to make sure that they make the right decision for them when moving out for the first time.

·         Personal finances

The goal is to teach the students about everyday housekeeping and financial management and provide them with the tools to manage their personal finances appropriately.

·         Leisure

The goal is to teach the students about cultural activities and leisure opportunities, and how to distinguish clearly leisure pursuits and work life. The students also learn how to organize their free time.

·         Lifestyle

The students are taught how to lead a healthy lifestyle and to give them the tools to make appropriate choices in this respect. We will deal with the following topics: healthy eating, smoking, alcohol, exercise, wellbeing and the importance of communication.

Semester Three

·         Working life

The goal is to inform the students about daily life at a company, particularly in relation to its organization, structure, culture, norms and behavior. With this understanding the students will be able to behave appropriately at work.

·         Looking for jobs

The students learn how to search for an internship or a job effectively.

·         Social rights and obligations

We teach the students about their rights and obligations and how these influence their working lives.


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