We have collected some of the feedback received by our partner-companies on these pages:

Marianne Assenholt, QA Manager, LEGO – Online Communications

“We employed an AspIT student as an intern in our QA department. It turned out to be a very positive and pleasant experience. Our intern was very attentive towards detail, determined and perfectionist – three very important traits for internet and software testers. It became clear to us that many people with Asperger’s Syndrome have the unique ability not to tire when performing routine tasks.

Our whole department learned a lot during the internship. For example, we learned how explain and communicate tasks clearly and precisely.

We would not hesitate to take on another AspIT student as an intern. You get a very skilled and motivated employee who is capable of the same things as our regular employees – and in some areas even more. I have heard a great deal of positive feedback from my colleagues and our HR department. Everyone here knows how good an initiative AspIT is.


Peter Klindt, CEO, A/S ScanCommerce

After only our first encounter with AspIT we found the project so interesting that we immediately agreed to take on AspIT interns. We have not regretted that decision one bit.

We have now had the same intern for a pretty long period of time. The internship is only broken up by the mandatory weeks when he receives training at AspIT. At the end of the internship AspIT gave us the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions in order to streamline the processes by which we take on interns in the future to ensure that the intern has the requisite training.

Following this we now have an intern with the exact skills needed at our company. Needless to say, the internship has only been a positive experience. The cooperation with AspIT has proved very constructive, and we have nothing but praise for the education provided at AspIT. Our current intern will be employed on normal terms when his internship ends.


Anders Quist Pedersen, IT manager, Bygtec IT

We have already had two AspIT interns at Bygtec. On both occasions we worked well with AspIT to design tailor-made practical tasks for our two interns to solve for us.

All tasks were completed in a thorough and very satisfactory manner, and the quality superseded all our expectations – as well as the standards we expect of our normal employees.

Their unique ability to stay focused at all times, no matter how complicated or tiresome the task may be, is unequalled and was exceptionally valuable for our company. At Bygtec we have benefitted greatly from the skills of our interns – especially in the areas of software testing, documentation of test results and installation tasks.


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