The purpose of the AspIT education is to offer young people with autism or similar symptoms of autism an education in IT and help them develop exceptional skills in this area. The main aim is to secure a good life for our students, a goal that is often much harder to achieve when you are born with more challenges in your everyday life than most others.

Due to their special needs, young people with autism or similar symptoms of autism are often not able to complete an education within the established educational system. AspIT offers these youngsters the possibility to achieve and establish a career suited to their needs and skills.

Another goal is for all our benefit: being able to offer companies all over Denmark a special and, in many ways, uniquely skilled resource of employees.

Respecting the special needs of each individual pupil is essential for our success. It is the cornerstone of our approach to teaching.


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Once every semester each AspIT school hosts a clarification process for prospective pupils to attend.


AspIT is part of a vast network of companies, businesses, parents and alumni.