Uddannelseschef Bruno Lindskjold ? Vejle, Områdeleder Aksel Hjuler - Århus, Afdelingsleder Jane Jensen ? Skive, Inspektør Alex M. Brun ? København, Uddannelseschef Ib Kronborg - Århus, Direktør Niels Yde ? Skive, Projektchef Ole Bay Jensen ? Vejle, Direktør Morten Weiss-Pedersen ? Vejle, Uddannelseschef Per Buron - København

Competence center

The AspIT competence center guarantees that our educational model is applied at an equally high standard and with the same content in every school. The competence center is also responsible for ensuring the continuous development of the model through the mutual exchange of experiences and networking.

Every school is allowed to use the AspIT name and logo. Doing so obliges them to see that their education meets the standards and guidelines set by the competence center.

Every school must let the competence center monitor the education, its content and the implementation of guidelines.

To guarantee the satisfactory implementation of the education, every school is obliged to have a qualified staff at all times. The AspIT competence center is responsible for further training of teachers, and is always available for guidance and ready to answer questions from the teaching staff regarding the education.


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Once every semester each AspIT school hosts a clarification process for prospective pupils to attend.


AspIT is part of a vast network of companies, businesses, parents and alumni.