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Since its beginnings as a pilot project in the Danish town of Vejle back in 2005, AspIT has continued to grow. Today our concept of education is well established, thanks to cooperation with our partner schools across Denmark and, soon, across Germany as well.

The EU, UNESCO, the Danish Ministry of Education and the local Danish authorities have all recognized AspIT and our concept as an important and necessary way of educating young people with Asperger’s Syndrome, autism or similar symptoms of autism who have an interest in IT.

Our logo consists of two green arms that embrace and support those in need. Mankind is symbolized by the red dot. AspIT is first and foremost an education tailor-made to fit and strengthen the abilities of every single student, in an environment designed to support to the special needs of our students.

The two green arms symbolize the path to a new life – a life with employment and a purposeful existence. The arms help our students to achieve these new goals.

The forms of the logo are kept round and soft. The lower part, where the arms are widest, symbolizes the beginning of the education, when our students are in particular need of support and coaching. Over time, our students become more skilled and self-conscious, and eventually they reach the opening of the arms in the upper part.

The green arms are soft and the transition between inside the arms and outside is gentle and unproblematic. AspIT helps its students all the way, from the very first contact to employment. The color green symbolizes emerging life. The red dot symbolizes the individual: a round, dynamic entity on its journey from inside to outside, from school to employment. The color red symbolizes energy, dynamism and the growing individual.

Credits: The logo was created by Sergio Da Luz Denros (designer, graphic artist and associate professor at Aarhus School of Architecture)   


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Once every semester each AspIT school hosts a clarification process for prospective pupils to attend.


AspIT is part of a vast network of companies, businesses, parents and alumni.